50 Insurance Marketing Ideas, Advertising Tips and Ways to Market Your Insurance Agency


1.Emergency Info Wallet Cards – Include local emergency numbers like the fire department, police, poison control, etc. Include your contact information and the phone number for claims. Customers will be glad to carry such a valuable card around in their wallet and they will always have your information in their pocket! Referrals are the cheapest and easiest form of insurance agency marketing.

2.Great Email Signature – If you don’t already have an automated email signature, make one right now. Include every bit of contact information about you like your address, phone numbers, website, twitter, facebook, etc.

3. Agency Mascot – You can buy a decent mascot costume on eBay or Amazon for a few hundred dollars. Throw an agency T-shirt on it and walk around at public places and community events. Don't forget to get some video of all your character's appearances and post them to your social media accounts. It's a fun idea.

4.Volunteer – The hand that gives, gathers. There are many opportunites for growing your business while volunteering. You can get great PR in the newspaper, meet other local community leaders and business owners. Choose a non-profit you have some interest in since the more passion you have, the more benefit.

5.Get in Their Cell Phone - Encourage clients to program your insurance agency phone number into their cell phone in case they have a claim or billing question. They will be walking around with your contact information everywhere they go! If someone asks them about insurance it will be easier to refer and referrals should be considered one of your most important insurance marketing strategies.

6.Read The Insurance Website Bible – If you haven't already read it, go download the Insurance Website Marketing Bible today. It's a 100% free book for insurance agents that explains everything you need to know to have a successful insurance website that drives traffic and generates leads for your sales producers.

7. Everything We Sell Sheet - One of the reasons clients don't buy more lines of insurance and refer your agency more is because they don't know what the heck you sell! I know it seems obvious to you but if you don't make it crystal clear to clients they'll only think of you for the products they already own! Create an easy-to-read one-pager that shows everything you sell and have your producers review that sheet during your new customer on-boarding process. While you're at it, make a corresponding page on your agency website to email existing clients and share on social media.

8.Get a Website You Can Use – With the technology available today, every insurance agent should have a website that looks professional and lets them to easily publish and edit their own content. If there was a local emergency and you needed to get a message out to your clients, would you have to wait for a developer to process the request? Check out this link for the most user-friendly insurance agent websites available.

9. Internet Leads – I know internet leads are frustrating because the information can be inaccurate, people aren't always excited to talk to you and there's always competition. But it's hard to find an easier source of people in your market that want insurance right now. Unfortunately, there isn't one company with the best leads for every agent - it varies depending on your market. I recommend using several lead providers while tracking ROI on your leads before committing to just one provider. There's a ton of sketchy lead companies out there so be careful - Here are the best:

Hometown Quotes



Agent Insider

All Web Leads




10.Keychain Tags – You know those thin plastic tags the grocery store, gym, and credit card companies give you? Include the agency's contact information. Customers will use it because they want your contact info in an emergency and you want it on their keys so they can refer you any time. ;)

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11.Get a Free Marketing Analysis -If you want to find out what's missing from your agency's marketing plan, take a few minutes to get a free online marketing analysis here. It's built specificlly for insurance agents and after answering 20 or so questions about your agency you'll get a detailed report full of ideas, suggestions, and resources to take charge in your agency.

12.Get More Referrals – There are three major reasons insurance agents don't get enough referrals: they don't ask, they don't keep in touch with clients, and they don't deserve them. Solve those three problems and it'll rain referrals. If you need ideas check out this article for 27 ways insurance agents can get more referrals.

13. Search Engine Optimization - You need a well-optimized website to show up on Google but it takes a lot more to rank #1. Google and Bing look at your agency's entire online footprint and rank you on business listings, reviews, content, inbound links, social media and a lot more. Most SEO guys don't understand the insurance business so I'd recommend you either learn how insurance SEO works and invest a few hours a week doing the work or hire a Company that Specializes in SEO for Insurance Agents.

14.Keep a Voice Recorder in Your Car - When you’re driving and spot a commercial vehicle record some information about the vehicle and the phone number. You can call the owner later and explain where you saw the vehicle and that you would like an opportunity to make a bid on their insurance at the next renewal.

Insurance Marketing Trick15.Use Sales Videos – Sales videos are great because you make it once and it can sell insurance a million times! Imagine giving the best pitch you've ever delivered to every single prospect! Record your sales explanation of each product you sell, publish it to your website, and send prospects the link. And if you don't want to do it yoursef check out this company with a library of sales videos for insurance agents and start selling with video within an hour.

16. Local Networking Events – Chambers of commerce and professional organizations host networking events all the time and you won't miss them if you signup for their email newsletters and pay attention. Make as many connections as possible and follow up with those who can assist your insurance marketing with referrals. Networking events are always loaded with salespeople so focus on how you can be different, help those you meet and have fun. And check out this article for 34 more ideas about insurance agent networking.

17. Carry Blank Business Cards – Have you ever made a really great professional contact and they don't have a card to give you? Of course you can give them your card but then you're dependent on them to contact you. Carry blank business cards with you and when you meet someone without a card pull out a pen and one of your blanks and say something like, "Oh, don't worry. I'm always prepared so I carry blank business cards with me everywhere. What's your phone number?". They'll never forget you.

18. Buy Insurance Leads – It isn't easy generating a consistent flow of sales leads to your agency through your marketing efforts alone. That's why most agents supplement their agency's lead generation with purchased leads. Use this FREE insurance lead tool to find all the lead companies that sell leads for your target market.

19. Email Newsletters - If you want to build loyalty, boost referrals, generate leads and cross sell more an email newsletter to your clients is a fantastic tool. Just remember that people already get a lot of email and don't want you wasting their time unless you have to have something valuable to say. If you can't do it well use an email marketing service for insurance agents to produce professional looking newsletters and keep track of your results.

20. Door-to-door Relationship Building– It’s not easy, but it might be one of the cheapest and most effective insurance marketing strategies. To be successful with face-to-face insurance marketing orient all conversations around how you can help the organization (with referrals and promotion, not just insurance). Have a non-sales conversation prepared, like a local community event you are organizing and recruiting help for. Be respectful and make an impression without interfering or coming across as a typical salesperson. Get x-dates and follow up with the decision makers before renewals. You will be surprised how many non-commercial insurance leads you get.

21. Bundle Your Online Marketing - A successful online marketing strategy requires several different elements like SEO, PPC, email, etc. It's hard to manage all those pieces through separate vendors and even harder to do it all in-house. InsuranceSplash offers a complete online marketing package built for insurance agents that includes SEO, PPC, social media, website, business listings, reputation management, video marketing and everything else your agency needs to be successful online. You won't find a better online marketing bundle for agents anywhere.Click Here to learn more.

22. Sponsor a Car Show – This is a good marketing idea for any agent, but a fantastic one for any agent interested and knowledgable about cars. Like most of the advice on this page, building relationships is the key ingredient in your agency marketing strategy and this will be a fantastic way to do so.

23. TV Advertising – If you get an opportunity for some cheap exposure it may be worthwhile. The best television marketing opportunities would be during programs specifically aimed at your target prospects while they are thinking about your services - like during a program about home improvement or cars. 

24. Geurrilla Marketing Kit - Create a kit of marketing materials to keep in your car so you'll always be prepared for a promotional opportunity. Your kit should contain a wide array of materials and mediums. Here's some ideas for what to include in your kit: business cards, pens, brochures, postcards, 8"x11" flyers, tear-off flyers, safety information, signs, stickers, t-shirts etc. If you're out and about and a marketing opportunity pops up you want to be able to embrace and capitalize on it. And if you do anything creative and cool take a picture and share it through your social media accounts.

insurance marketing advice 3025. Reach Out to Contacts Every Day – Reach out to your professional contacts and ask them questions as much as possible in order to strengthen relationships and boost referrals without looking like a salesperson. Strong relationships within the community are perhaps the most powerful marketing tool an agent can possess. You can ask things you already know! Over time relationships will develop and they will send you referrals.

26. Smoke Detector Batteries Use smoke detector batteries as handouts at community events or as an incentive for prospects who get a quote from your agency. You could also make an event out of it and invite people to visit your agency for free batteries. Promote the event on your Facebook page and invite all your friends and clients to swing by for a free 9-volt.

27. Live Quotes on Your Website – In my experience, live quoting on agent websites works best for products that don't need to ask tons of questions for a quote like life and health. The most popular rater we're seeing for life insurance is NinjaQuoter so you should check them out if you're interested. And if your site doesn't have high traffic I recommend running ad campaigns or using a PPC advertising service for insurance agents. Online quote forms are worthless without traffic.

29. Press Releases - Have something interesting going on with your agency? Hire someone new? Open a new location? Get appointed with a new carrier? Change the air freshener in your bathroom? It doesn't matter how important the news is, you can write up a little blurb about it and publish it online. Reach out to your local community newspaper and use an online service like this one to publish it online. Don't forget to include a link back to your website and use lots of location terms like your city/village/town name to help you with local search engine optimization.

30. Advertise on Pizza Boxes – I know several agents who purchase pizza boxes with their insurance marketing in exchange for buying the boxes. Many pizza shops need to cut expenses and will make a deal. Make sure they don't cover up your message with a flyer or a sticker. Boxes are under 50 cents each. Another option is to buy a bunch of plastic pizza cutters with your agency info on them and ask the pizzaria to distribute them. They are more expensive but people keep them.

31. Speak at High Schools – Find informational materials and videos to use while you speak about defensive driving with high school students. Also, teaching a brief class about insurance could be a great opportunity for the students in a “life skills” class. It will certainly help if you have a personal connection with someone in the school.

32. Consumer Review Websites - Websites like Yelp.com and MerchantCircle allow you to set up a profile about your agency where people can write reviews. Insurance shoppers use these sites to decide who to call or whether or not to do business with you. You might also consider using a reputation management service for insurance agents that can generate lots of 5 star reviews for your agency.

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33. Sponsor the Fire or Police Department – Who stands for "protecting the community" more than the fire and police departments? Firemen and police officers usually have very wide social networks within your local community too. Find a way to get some publicity in the paper and develop strong friendships with your local first responders.

34. Chamber of Commerce – To make it worth your time and money, you need to develop strong relationships within your chamber and contribute to the community. Chambers of Commerce are full of salespeople focused only on themselves…be a resource by helping others and you will reap the greatest insurance marketing benefits.

35. Facebook Advertising - Ever notice those sponsored stories in your Facebook newsfeed and wonder if they could work for your agency? If done correctly the answer is yes. You can get in front of thousands of people in your target market for a fraction of a newspaper or radio ad. If you're interested in Facebook Ads but not sure how to get started, check out this online advertising service just for insurance agents.

36. Wrap Your Car – Consider the possibility of having your vehicle professionally wrapped with your insurance agency logo. If nothing else, it will facilitate conversations while you're getting in and out of the car and getting stuck in traffic won't bother you as much. You could also purchase a car magnet to stick on your car whenever it is parked in a highly visible location (or in your own parking lot out by the road). 

37. Burn Through Business Cards – At some point, every one of us has been embarrassed to say, “Sorry, I don’t have a business card on me right now”. That's unacceptable. From this point on, if you ever say that again you should turn in your insurance license. Instead make sure you always have at least a hundred on you at any time. Leave them in fishbowls, post them on bulletin boards, leave them with a generous tip if you have great service in a restaurant. Give everyone you meet at least two and don’t ever run out…

38. Create a Google+ Agency Page - I get it, you're already tired of all the social media stuff. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and whatever the flavor of the week is next month it's hard to keep up. But there's one reason you really need to play along with this one - it's Google. And even if no one uses Google+ it will help your search results. Set up your Google+ page here.  

39. Hire Commission-Only Salespeople – Not many agents have the spare cash to bring on another full-time (or even part-time) producer in today's market but you may be able to bring on a commission-only salesperson. Even if you give them 100% of the sales commission the renewals, referrals, and cross-sales are yours to earn. Ads on Craigslist are free and there's plenty of people in the market for a job right now. And make sure all your new producers read this article, it's one of the most popular articles on our site.

40. Customer Video Testimonials – No one can sell the benefits of doing business with your agency to a customer better than another customer. I'm sure your agency has a client or two that are bananas about your agency, ask them a few questions and film it with your iPhone. Don't shoot the video testimonial with the client standing in front of a wall - make the whole agency be their background. It will have a more candid appearance and the lower quality will be less noticeable. 

customer-appreciation-party41. Donations for Quotes – Offer to donate a certain amount of money to a charity for every quote you get. Some of the big carriers get this one wrong by donating to a national cause. Donate to local charities and get your quotes from people that are actively engaged with the charity. Get them to post it to their Facebook page and let them do all the marketing for you.

42. Refer-A-Friend Page - Create a page on your website that allows people to refer their friends to your agency. Nobody's going to visit your website and use this feature by themselves though, you'll have to ask them to use it and remind them. You can email them a link right after you help them with something they appreciate like a billing dispute or a claim. And every once in a while post a link to your social media accounts. And if your website isn't easy enough to create something like that yourself it's time to get a new website.

43. Use Fiverr.com – Fiverr.com is an awesome resource where you can hire people to do all sorts of things for only $5. I've written about lots of different ways to use Fiverr for insurance marketing like designing flyers, writing press releases, business card design, content writing, video creation and more. I can't believe what you can get for $5 and you won't either.

44. Google Alerts – Google Alerts is a free service from Google that sends you an email anytime they find a new website with information you're interested in. You can set it up to notify you anytime someone mentions your agency or to make sure you're in the loop about all local insurance and business networking news. You also might want to check out Mention.net. We're happy users of their free service at InsuranceSplash.

45. Twitter - I know that a lot of insurance agents don't "get" Twitter. I understand because to be honest, I don't totally get it and I'm an internet marketing guy. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't set up a Twitter page though. Just having the page for your agency gives Google a more robust picture of your agency's online profile which should help search results. It's not hard to set it up to just regurgitate your Facebook posts automatically either. And make sure you follow me on Twitter if you don't already!

46. Get Free PR – HelpAReporter.com is a free service that connects reporters with experts to interview. When you sign up for an account as an expert you'll recieve 3 emails a day filled with opportunities to be the "industry expert" for a reporter who needs to interview someone to write a story. If you want to be interviewed, respond quickly and sell hard on why you'd be the best expert to interview.

47. Downloadable Whitepapers – A Whitepaper is basically just a fancy term for an informational report. You can turn it into a PDF and put it on your website either to generate leads or to give out for free. Keep it simple and create something highly relevant to an insurance shopper like, The Top 10 Insurance Mistakes Chicago Families Make and How to Avoid Them. It's a bit trite, but you get the point.

48. Rank High in Online Maps - People find local businesses using their mobile devices more and more. And if they're already looking on a map you can be sure they're serious about wanting a local company! When it comes to putting your agency on the map you've got two choices: do it yourself, or hire a company that will get you better rankings. There isn't a much better way to get your agency in front of insurance shoppers at the perfect time than through good search engine and online map rankings.

49. Sponsor a Motorcycle Ride – Except for the occasional adrenaline-junkie, motorcycle riders are usually fantastic insurance customers. They are very safe drivers on two and four wheels and today’s motorcycle owner often has many other insurance and financial service needs. Motorcycle insurance marketing is a great lead-in to other insurance lines.

insurance marketing image 7450. Post Client Letters – If someone writes a letter, sends an email, or posts a positive comment online about your agency, print it out and post it in a visible location. Shoppers look to others for guidance. Reading many letters from others about the knowledge, care, and protection your provide will only improve their impression of your business.

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